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Polosub | High Performance – Buy Now!

Optimize your performance in the water!

Polosub | Fortza Tre – Wetsuit speacially tailored for you.

Being used for both UV-hunting and free diving because the unique composition of smoothskin & Opencell – makes it all-round.

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Product Description


This suit has an improved cut and tear strength and comes complete
With a special external sewing. It consists of three layers;

1. An external 1 mm smoothskin rubber without insulation,
Which guarantees strength, durability and higher speed through the water.

2. In the middle is a layer of super-elastic two-way textile fiber,
Preventing tearing and cutting damage to the suit.

3. The inner layer is the Open Cell neoprene in 2.4 or 6mm

The final result of this composition guarantees
The best comfort and elasticity for spearfishing or freediving.

The suit is available in 3.5 – 5.5 – 7mm


Fill in your meassures in the schedule Press here  Video guide to messurements Press here      

Additional Information

Dimensions 44 x 25 x 27 m

3.5mm, 5.5mm, 7mm


Black, Blue Camo, Red Camo, Reef Camo


Double Frog, Frog, Simple Velcro, Velcro w. Buckle


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